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        Environmental Protection New Packaging Machinery

        Fangbang state machinery was informed that now, the concept of environmental protection has penetrated into all fields, the packaging industry is no exception. New packaging material makes enterprises packaging machinery from raw materials, design, manufacturing, and then to the use of recycled products, each link do reduction, the source node, efficient, harmless, environmental protection of the whole industry chain.

        In recent years, China is packaging machinery industry has a rapid development, although China has become one of the ten major machinery industry, but compared with foreign advanced technology, there is a significant gap. China is exports of packaging machinery is still less than 5% of the total output value, imports are equivalent to the total output value, most of the advanced machinery and equipment need to be imported, over reliance on foreign advanced technology.

        State machine learned, market consumers for the packaging of highly sought after, making production enterprises must change, stand in a new starting point up review and solve all kinds of problems and contradictions, change the concept of development, strengthening the independent innovation, get rid of the situation of copying, efforts to improve the technology content, enhance their awareness of the market.

        Market diverse and varied needs only to adapt to the development of the times, in order to stand out in the fierce competition in the market, and realize the value of packaging and paper machine in the market, is just as consumers of goods packaging feedback.

        In all human beings are concerned about environmental issues, the packaging industry is no exception. There are some performance is low, the production efficiency is low, serious waste phenomenon in the traditional packaging machinery, so we need to adjust product structure, noise reduction, consumption and improve production efficiency, design from the equipment structure, the use of materials, manufacturing technology, modular, disassembly, balanced life, ergonomics, availability, etc. a few aspects of green design.

        The state machinery was informed that with the prosperity and development of China is commodity economy, improve people is quality of life and the level of consumption, a large number of waste caused the waste of resources and pollution of the environment, more and more soft printing machine enterprise consciousness to this, grabbed from the source of environmental protection, packaging materials also change, generally can be divided into repeated reuse and recycling of packaging materials, food packaging materials, biodegradable materials and paper materials. The emergence of new materials to promote packaging machinery companies from raw materials, design, manufacture, and then to the use of recycling products, each link to achieve reduction, source, efficient, harmless, to achieve the entire chain of environmental protection.

        The future packaging industry has huge development potential, such as food packaging machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, demand will continue to expand, although the industry is obviously insufficient, technical force is weak, but packaging industry is still promising.

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